Welcome to the Worldwide Yoga Teachers and School Registry
Only Teachers and Schools registered with any of the Yoga Alliance Organisations can register.

All listings approvals are subject to submission of evidence of registration with a Yoga Alliance Organisation.

All listings must first be approved by the administrator before they are activated in the system. Upon approval confirmation, your listing will become visible in the system.

Non-registered listings will be suspended, till validity can be established – no refund given!

To apply for a Listing go to > Yoga Alliances Registry
You will see “Place Listing“, click that … and add your listing by following the prompts.

NOTE: Before your listing appears on the directory, you need to send us a copy of your certificate of registration* with Yoga Alliance US, UK, Australia, South America etc.
*To send the copy, go to our Contact page

Only when we have validated your credentials, we will “Enable” your listing to show on the directory.

To Edit your listing, click Yoga Teachers and School Directory and you will see a link > Edit Listing, enter your e-mail address.

NOTE: The first time you edit your listing, you will need to click a link to receive your Ad access key.

After 1 year, you will receive a reminder to reactivate your listing for a subsequent year by paying the yearly fee of $ 25 USD.

For any questions, please contact us